I am available for private treatments.  I prefer an initial consultation to first do Iridology to determine your constitution, genetic strengths and weakness, and any current issue or pre-disposition to a disease.  In this way I have a check up on what i feel when working on the body.  With this information I am able to guide you towards the correct diet, exercise, lifestyle and changes that you need to do to ensure a long and healthy, mental physical and emotional life.

Booking is essential which can be done by email or text depending on which country I am in.
I am available also for specific treatments in all forms of Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang, Cranial Sacral, Iridology and Naturopathy.


April to July 2019

available for Thai Abdominal treatments and Therapeutic Thai Massage in London.

07940 937387 for details of treatments or home bookings whilst in UK.


Contact the individual hosting the course to ensure your treatment, please email the host on  the on the day I arrive as booking will not be taken till that date .