Felicity Joy’s Thai Massage Sen Line Theory and Therapy course will profoundly transform how you diagnose and approach the treatment of your clients.

I highly recommend her teaching as an essential course for all body/ energy workers, beneficially on a personal and professional level.

Felicity’s  wisdom and years of experience shone brightly to impart  fresh insight into the way I can accurately assess and give appropriate treatment to effectively help, rather than unintentionally hinder my client in their healing process.

Identifying the blocks along the Sen Lines and their relevant indications , and learning how to effectively move and release this energy will bring deep healing to your clients. And I can personally vouch for the intense healing that I have received from Felicity’s masterful energy work.

To have this level of Eastern wisdom taught through a healer born of the West is a rare and unique opportunity indeed!

Sharlynn Stewart

Thai Massage Therapist; Registered Nurse


I had wanted to deepen my knowledge and routine in massage for a long time as i didn't feel i was really connecting and helping my clients long term.  I went to Thailand feeling totally out of my depth and slightly insecure about the knowledge i possessed, but Felicity not only taught me the best of her knowledge in how to heal the body and listen to what the clients body langauge but she also made me feel so welcome that my confidence improved and I really felt I grew as a person.  It was a totally amazing experience I will never forget and was the catalyst of the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  Abigail Adams

I wanted to thank you from all my heart for the beauty and the quality and the generosity of your teaching. I was going through a transition time in my life, this process of getting born again is a difficult process and not always light or easy.  And I appreciate very much to be supported by the joy and solidity of your presence, and by the special attention you offered each of us.  I know I feel a strong desire to study more and practice all that you have transmitted to us.  Oliver Larouch.  France

Just a few words to say you are a very great teacher.  I don't believe in a God but you know how to explain the Thai Massage for all the types of students.  My Massage is so different and now is real, i know how to take away the pain and fix the body.  I hope to be making more courses with you. PS. Sorry for my english. Herve Duret.

I have never had a treatment like yours before.  The pain of my crohn's has tormented me for nearly 40 years.  In five treatments you have removed this problem. It has been a year now without any attacks and life has been more stressful than usual so that should have triggered it.  I really don't know what to say.  I am off all of my heart medication also since seeing you.  I cannot thank you enough, it is a miracle. Margaret Maloney    

I am so happy that I took your advanced sen line class, could use it on an ''emergency'' customer yesterday - she came in with a lot of pain in the back and hips - worked mainly on line 2 (Sen Kalathari). She released so much that she started shivering and shaking - so much so that I had to stop for little while and let it all take its course. But after the release she was painfree!! Just finished the session with some gentle touches and some ''homework'' - feeling very gratefull

Katerina Kesmont

I gave a treatment yesterday to a lady with massive fluid retention in feet and ankles...by the end of the treatment her foot had no swelling at all, and she bounced out of there saying it was 'life altering'. I love my work, and this system you've taught me.So much gratitude snaking its way towards Thailand to you. xxxx

Sinead Wallace

Julie Parmacek Pluss Felicity Joy is an amazing teacher. I've been practicing Thai Bodywork for the past 10 years and took Felicity's class last year in Chicago. I can not put into words how much Felicity taught me and the rest of our class. We all loved the class! She is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Felicity is coming back to Chicago again this summer and I'm pretty everyone who studied under her last year has signed up again.Besides, her bring a complete delight to be around, her knowledge is incomparable. I've taken many classes throughout my years and Felicity is no doubt, one of my top two teachers, if not number one! Sign up for her class immediately. I promise you will be so happy you did. Just being in her presence, makes you feel better. I have been threatening to go to Thailand for the past 5 years and after I took Felicity's class, I signed up with Blue Lotus Thai School in Chicago, so I could see her again. I just came back a few weeks ago, and I'm thinking I might have to go again! Hoping she may offer some more classes in Thailand or just keep coming back to Chicago! Thank you, Felicity and my clients are so grateful for al, you've taught me

Anna Winkler This is a FANTASTIC Course and Felicity is an AMAZING Teacher and Healer. Clear, Wise, Compassionate, Humorous, Kind, Honest, Generous, Knowledgeable, are just a few of the words I would use to decisive this incredible soul. Thank you Felicity. Having just finished the Level 1 Training at  The bodymind center for thai massage in CT, I am super excited for my first practice session outside the course today.

On the eve of my first year anniversary of Bahn Thai Spa (sorry for the deliberate plug!) I am feeling soooo blessed and soooo grateful for all my staff who have supported me, believed in "US", and stand with and beside me today. So grateful to all my friends. Soooo looking forward to the next year, full of promise! So grateful to Felicity Joy Thai for taking such a HUGE risk with an "unknown" and teaching something here for the first time in Canada - Abdominal Thai Massage - a course that you will never, ever forget! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for "getting" what we strive to build! Thank you for seeing the vision! There is NOTHING more beautiful than the gift of touch, the gift of compassionate kindness!!! And there is nothing better than being able to share it so freely!

Marina Tanas Tatcheva Heyyyy, Felicity Joy! Great! 
What a timing! Today is in Bulgaria the Slavonic Alphabet and Culture Day!
Today i was listening to my Hyman Design reading by Richard Beaumont , my teacher in Human Design, who underlined many times that my purpose of life is fulfilled through Body and care. Thanks to You I explored the potential of caring through Thai massage!, the potential of learning about myself and others and give a value to the World and Myself!
Thank You Both!

Jennifer MarieAugust 20, 2016 · This has been such a powerful week! It was such an honor to spend time with and learn from Felicity. She really is a master of this craft and has such a wealth of knowledge. I am so excited to start practicing abdominal massage! It addresses muscle issues, promotes healthy organ function and helps to bring your body back to balance energetically as well! 

My dear colleagues. This is not an easy story. As it is not short. 
But I'm brave to put it here because the theme is very serious. And,as usual, I'm open to help, if you need.

Several times I asked here for moral support " in dealing with hard and long clinical depression."
And I'm thankful to everyone who gave it to me.. So..

I have to be really bold to write and say.
Looks like we did it!

And now that it was. Because one depression is not like the other..Although they all have similar, that's it.

My client was sick for 17 years. 
She is an educated woman,a good wife and mother of two children. Strong and optimistic person by nature! 
And she got sick 17 years ago. The last four years, the panic attacks happened every day,several times. 
And the only difference was in how many times per day they happen.

This is an animal fear.. like an avalanche.. leaving no chance to resist,to fight ...
So strong that you don't feel you are a person. But only a primitive creature,able to whine,scream, and hide with the head under the blanket.. and there howl, and wait until this is all over. Until the next time. 
And in - between, body aches, severe headaches, digestive upset, trembling hands, Insomnia and a constant fear of waiting for another attack..

This is for those who don't know what a real depression is. 
She was treated in hospitals every year,several times, for several weeks.. At the last year - six months!
And she was said again: your case is too heavy. We can't help you.
Her husband earns a good money. 
So she could be treated by good doctors, and everyone was looking for the best approaches. 
She took the pills big handful, very powerful drugs.. With many side effects. 
I just saw the personality are falling apart..

She was my client for a long time, and I treated her children too. 
And one day,a few years ago,when I lived my dark days ...
She gave me a hand. 
And we became friends. 
And so I tried to help her.. I helped her to relax, and each time she said after the session, sees the light at the end of the tunnel. But everything went on as before.. Attacks, panics, pains.. This hell.

This winter in one of my meditations I put a request for her. And I saw her healthy. And it was such a real feeling,as if I am so strong to help her. I decided to tell her about it. And she believed.

(She had no other choice? - you say. Maybe.. But I know,how much she was exhausted, devoid of will, joy of life..
She had no desires at all. She just did what had to be done like a machine. For husband,for children. 
And hardly ate anything, although have gained a lot of weight because the pills.)

And we started to work.. Continued.. But something has changed. 
Yes,I promised to this very sick woman that I will cure her!!
And if someone had no choice, it was me.

Once a week, I was treating her during two- three hours, and I was listening to her.
She was my client this time. 
And then we went to drink tea (or wine,but that's later...) And talked as friends.
I allowed myself to be with her ironic and criticize her, and tell her the truth about her errors.. 
That I never allow myself as a therapist. We laughed ,often she cried..

For the two months of our changed work she found the meaning in life, and believed to herself. . 
She believed that she remained a person.The strong woman as she was always...
And all circumstances made her ill are not really dragon which can eat her. 
There are circumstances which can be changed. Through the pain, with a " blood"..

She made an extremely difficult decision to divorce her husband ( at first glance,it was a happy family)
She stay left with two children, and after a three months she found a job ( in the company where a chief is her relative, but! sometimes she could not leave home.. previously..)

The number of medicines was reduced according the frequency of attacks.. Faith in herself was strengthened. She lost 15 kg, she began to care for herself, putting on makeup.! Her hair stopped falling out. Getting her appetite back. 
She began to learn English, hoping to go with me to Europe, once..

For six months she stoped to take medication almost completely! step by step..
( only against headache,which is not frequent!) 
And she has not any panics, any fear attacks during 2.5 months.
Since she got sick, she did not has such a long healthy time.
17 years!!

That's why I san say, we have dealed with it.
(Although I can not say she is absolutely healthy. But who is?.
And the time of her ilness made the job)

I can not say that the "dragon" is killed. But I see it locked in a cage.
I hope it will be a slow death.. I have a reason to think so..

Yes, she feels she need my sessions,still.
And I will support her as long as I feel it,too.
Although she moved to the other city..

What's more? If you interested, what it was a work as a massage..
I work "as I feel", as usual.
But I can say, what skills I used.. As it works great.

Abdominal massage ( from Felicity Joy ) - almost N1 to work with depression
And the huge work with diaphragm helps to find "the inner voice", and to "go through the resistance"!
And work with kalatari, too.. ( "sen lines" course by Felicity Joy )

Fascia work, I improved my skills with Roni Gilboa. 
A person,having pain and depression, sometimes is not able to receive more strong touch then fascia work is.
But light does not mean "not effective".. Fascia can make a magic sence.

My client started to feel herself as a whole person, and to listen not only to the "voice of fear".. As I was able to explain her about energy flows..
About it's meanings, and the reasons they can be changed.. And these priceless knowledges I've got from Robert Henderson.

I'm blessed to know all of them as my teachers.
Sending LOVE to you!! and to all my colleagues and friends.
I wish you never meet such a "gragon"...