As I have moved into my 28th year as a practitioner and teacher of Thai Massage, I am now allowed to teach my own system based on the way that the therapeutic Masseuse of Chiang Mai work. It is mostly women who do this work, yet many of the teachers are men and no longer practitioners, creating a gap between what is sustainable, healing ways of working and what is traditional or requiring strength or person energy.  Thai masseuse work on average a 10 hour day, 6 days a week so do not use dramatic asana or systems designed for strong men. They diagnose first via the sen lines of the legs, after opening and grounding the feet, then apply only the asana that are required to open the energy channels and remove blocks.  This will be the 9th course I have written and it comes with a video for further study and birth myself and my assistant will be able to give you on-going advice throughout the year so that you are supported in your practice.

This is a 21 day residential course for women only, taught by women only, who are highly experienced within their speciality. We will study in the way I was taught at the Old Medicine Hospital in the 80's, starting with sen line theory. Once we have our diagnostic technique, we will explore the blocks in the body using primarily eastern practices, plus classes in western anatomy.  Then we shall learn practical simple techniques that effectively allow the body to release blocks.  You will learn which asana are effective for releasing particular blocks and other techniques including tok sen, oil massage, making compresses, balms and products, facial massage using the products you made for your body type, reflexology, hand massage, and releasing the emotional body.  I will also teach you the big stretches, how to do them correctly and safely, both for the practitioner and client, and how to build the treatment to bring all the sen into harmonious flow.  

This is also the platform that I will be using to start to train women to be teachers, as we are lacking female energy in education.  You will need to have had 10 years as a practitioner to start this program. This is an invited role, you will be my apprentice and I will guide you both in your treatments and in your teaching.  

This course is restricted to 20 women and will need to have attended a Thai Massage course or have similar experience, please feel free to discuss your experience with me. I will need to have potential students contact me with details of previous studies. It will run 9th February to the 2nd of March 2018.  After the 21 days you will be able to add to your skills therapeutic Thai massage, reflexology, facials, hand massage, tok sen, oil massage, clear diagnosis to find the root cause, sciatic, carpal tunnel, frozen neck and shoulder treatments that are removed in one treatment.