Abdominal Master Class.  

This is for students who have completed level 1 and or 2, (this is dependant on the host) and want to delve deeper into specific case studies.  Here we fine tune your work and I aid you in making quick diagnosis and the connections that experienced therapist make.  You will need to have completed a minimum of 100 treatments, so you can all guide this class to learn what you need.We will look at the common problems that clients suffer with and how to treat and advise clients with exercise, nutritional changes and lifestyle changes.  We will also be discussing how to double check your diagnosis and the body signs that make this easy. You will all be working on me so that I can check your touch, depth and body weight. 
This course has no manual and we will be working with your knowledge and I will be advising you on the deeper sensations you feel and what they mean.  We will also be looking at your personal practices for maintaining your energy and your ability to concentrate and release it via intention.

This year by appointment only.  Possibility of this in London and Chicago, please contact me directly if interested